Preparation Pt. 7 – Cameras and how to capture your trip

It seems to me that if you’re going to travel to South America to participate in a trip that is extraordinary, even a bucket list item, then you should carefully consider how you’re going to capture the memories of that trip on video and stills, and how you’re going to share them with others.  For sure, you’ll need to have a capable camera, with the right technical features, and the ability to capture great video; But at the same time, you’ll need to think about exactly what you’re going to film, and what story you’re trying to tell.

I’m planning on capturing this trip as if I was a video journalist, who plans on producing a series of videos for commercial use.  Now, I’m not actually planning on producing these videos commercially, but I’m going to record as if I were.  What does that mean?  let me tell you….

Treating this trip as if it were a documentary means recording video so that the trip follows a chronology, films from multiple points of view, includes more than one participant, etc.  Said another way, I’m going to keep a daily video diary, place my camera on the side of the road and capture groups of riders going by, capture interviews of other participants, and do all of the things that were done in documentaries like Long Way Down, etc.

  •  Interview all other tour participants to capture their name, country, etc
  • Film arrivals into all lodging
  • Film sunrise & sunset in picturesque locations
  • Film the glaciar
  • Film the crossing of the Straits of Magellen
  • Video Diary entry each day containing
    • Location, day, date, mileage so far, mileage remaining, country/town
  • Film first dirt road
  • Film other riders as they pass me, or ride parallel with me, while on highways and/or dirt roads
  • Film travel through twisty bits of road
  • Film arrival in all airports
  • Film the hotel
  • Liquid Image Ego camera
    • The new (for 2014) camera (Ego LS 800) is supposed to be released in June, 2014, and it is supposed to include “Bluetooth” capabilities.  Will these Bluetooth capabilities allow me to connect an external microphone?
  • Contour

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