But, what if I breakdown?

Thinking about maintenance while on the road Generally speaking, motorcycles need regular maintenance procedures performed on them, and because these bikes are subjected to rough roads, inclement weather, and direct sun and heat, its likely that they may suffer occasional performance issues, which also require immediate attention. When we’re home, in our own community, we […]


Lebanon, TN (June 12-16) The Rally Each year, the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association puts on a rally for its members. Members register for about $50, and are given access to numerous seminars, demonstrations, music, local food, and to many/most of the vendors from whom we normally purchase accessories, and other parts. I rode to the […]

30 days until departure day

Well, as I write this post, I’m about 30 days from my departure date. There is still much to do, but I’ve made a tremendous amount of progress across a number of areas. So, let’s see about getting everyone caught up on my progress, and I’ll also share the work that remains. The big, important […]

60 days to go…

Well, it’s about 60 days until I leave for the trip up the East Coast, after which I’ll head to Europe, and then Asia. With 2 months to go, I’ve made a great deal of progress, but there is still paperwork that needs to get done, and which is becoming urgent. Progress so far I […]

The idiot behind the wheel…

Sometimes in life, we work hard, execute well, and reap the rewards that come from this level of planning and execution. And then, there’s these other times where we get the job done, but our execution and planning fall short of excellence. When that happens; When we don’t execute well, its only a matter of […]

Logistics and Planning

OMG, there’s so much to do When you think about taking a trip like this one, and if you’re not a motorcyclist, you might find it hard to imagine all of the logistical details that you need to take care of, if you’re going to have an enjoyable and successful trip. Let’s say that you’d […]

I’ve been silent too long

An update since my last post Early in January, in my last post I described myself as being uneasy about the upcoming trip, and I was very concerned about my safety as I would be traveling through Russia and China, two countries where an American might find himself or herself in an unexpected, high-risk situation, […]