11-06 Day 118

The very long journey home begins with a single step

Today’s activities

Breakfast in Hong Kong

I had a nice breakfast in the Executive lounge. I was surprised to see that they offered omlettes and other eggs in the lounge, so breakfast was a great way to prepare for my long journey.

Leave hotel in Hong Kong

I packed, made my way to the shuttle bus, and headed for the terminal. Along the way, I took a video that shows the amount of construction work going on at the airport.

Airport arrival

I arrived at the terminal, but most of my luggage had been checked through to DFW, where I’d need to recover it, and then pass through customs. But, while I was at the airport, I thought I’d look into a bit of duty free shopping.

Duty Free Shopping is not cheap

Living in the US, we’re fortunate to be able to buy many goods and products at an inexpensive price. But, duty free shopping is supposed to offer new products, at a discount, without any taxes. So, I took the opportunity to look around. And, after about 30 minutes, and after checking the prices in the new iPhone, a Garmin Fenix 6S Sapphire watch, and a few other things, I concluded that there is virtually no product that I can buy, which would offer me a deal.

So, after doing my best to spend some money, I decided to give up, and get on the plane.

What will tomorrow bring

Well, with this blog post, I consider the trip to be complete. I do however have a few more things to say, which should provide insights to others, who might want to make a trip such as this.

So, for now, we’ll consider this to be the end of riding content, but as I suggested, I want to write more about China, and I’d like to compare and contrast the US to China, and finally, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about SIM cards, and how they fit into an overall communication strategy of/for Adventure riders.

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