Month: June 2019

But, what if I breakdown?

Thinking about maintenance while on the road Generally speaking, motorcycles need regular maintenance procedures performed on them, and because these bikes are subjected to rough roads, inclement weather, and direct sun and heat, its likely that they may suffer occasional performance issues, which also require immediate attention. When we’re home, in our own community, we […]


Lebanon, TN (June 12-16) The Rally Each year, the BMW Motorcycle Owners Association puts on a rally for its members. Members register for about $50, and are given access to numerous seminars, demonstrations, music, local food, and to many/most of the vendors from whom we normally purchase accessories, and other parts. I rode to the […]

30 days until departure day

Well, as I write this post, I’m about 30 days from my departure date. There is still much to do, but I’ve made a tremendous amount of progress across a number of areas. So, let’s see about getting everyone caught up on my progress, and I’ll also share the work that remains. The big, important […]