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Used to identify any and all posts related to traveling on the Edelweiss World Tour through Europe and Asia in 2019

11-21 Some thoughts about China

It is hard to make sense about China Thoughts about China Introduction After traveling through China, and also having ridden through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia before entering China, I’ve experienced China in a way that has affected me deeply, and permanently. So, I wanted to share some of these thoughts, in the hopes that it […]

11-06 Day 118

The very long journey home begins with a single step Today’s activities Breakfast in Hong Kong I had a nice breakfast in the Executive lounge. I was surprised to see that they offered omlettes and other eggs in the lounge, so breakfast was a great way to prepare for my long journey. Leave hotel in […]

11-03 Day 115

Say goodbye to Toni Today’s activities Wake up This morning, like others in Pattaya resulted in a leisurely and relaxed start. We headed out and grabbed some smoothies for breakfast, and got ready for the day. Say goodbye to Toni Toni could only stay with us in Pattaya until the 3rd, so she would be […]

11-02 Day 114

Another day in Pattaya Today’s activities Breakfast Well, here’s the thing… I’ve been working on this Blog for several years now, and I’ve been actively blogging for more than 6 months, with every day entries for the last 120 days. And, as a result, I’ve got a bit of fatigue when it comes to taking […]