Ghost Riders scramble

March 15/16, 2014

Hollister, CA – Ghost Rider MC “Hair Scrambles Enduro Race”

Jim and Kahlil were going to be racing in this “scramble” so I offered to meet them at the track, and provide moral support and take care of any logistics that need to be addressed for this kind of a race.  There were numerous run groups, and Jim and Kahlil were in the second of two 40-50 Year-olds groups.  You’ll see the start of the race, directly in front of me, and I’ll try to follow the riders around through the first 2 turns, around a big sweeping left hand turn, over some jumps, and out of sight.
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The race starts and Jim gets away pretty well, but we notice that Kahlil’s bike would not start, so he was forced to push it to the side of the track in order to avoid the next group of riders from riding over the top of him.  The groups started 90 seconds apart, so Kahlil had only a brief period of time before all Hell was to break loose.

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This video begins about 100 seconds after the start of the previous race.  When Kahlil’s bike would not start, he tried for about 30 seconds, but at that point, the judges and starters were getting nervous about having Kahlil stalled in front of the next group of starters.  So, a few folks helped push his bike to the side of the track, and at the 90 second mark, the starter fired the shotgun, and away they went.  Notice that it takes Kahlil another 30 seconds to get this beast started.  Once started, and after clearing his head, he heads off after the riders ahead of him, almost 2 minutes behind.

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This video is of the next group of riders, after the 40 year olds.  I met another rider who was running this group, and I offered to take some video, which I would either post, or provide to him.  Unfortunately, after the race ended at the 2 hour mark, Jim and I waited about 30 more minutes for him, and he never showed up.  Jim, Kahlio and I all went back to the truck, and spent the next 45 minutes getting packed.  This other rider never arrived, and we never found out what happened, but we suspected some type of malfunction.

For some still pictures of the race, have a look here.

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