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My inspiration to ride

I guess if I was pressed, I would be able to say with certainty where my desire to start riding again comes from.  But, it seems more reasoned to think that there is not a single reason that I’ve begun to start thinking about riding again.  Instead, there are a number of good reasons why […]

Genesis II (Near the beginning)

Every adventure has to have a beginning, and while today is October 28th, 2013, this adventure really started back in June when I watched all 4 episodes of Neal Bailey Rides Peru on (Now foxsports1).  Watching Neal take a team of riders, with little experience, and get them ready to ride through Peru really […]

Genesis (In the beginning)

On approximately June 29, 2013, I watched Neal Baily Rides Peru on Speed Channel.  I had recorded all 4 episodes and watched them back to back in a single evening.  This show changed the direction of my life, and it was at this point that I decided to purchase a motorcycle, and go on a […]