11-04 Day 116(Pattaya adventures)

Another day in paradise

Today’s activities

Wake up

In order to be sure that we would arrive at the beach early enough to get out to the platform, and get the parasailing done, we’d need to be up early, and to get some breakfast.

So, Chris, Isabella and I all had breakfast in the hotel, and then we took the 9:00 AM shuttle to the main road, where we could get on board one of the Ride-share cabs.

Travel to the beach

There is, essentially one main road in Pattaya, and it begins where our shuttle bus lets us off, and travels parallel to the beach until you reach the round-a-bout. From there, the main road turns towards the beach, and is one way. The return route from the beach is also a one way road, but it’s 1 block displaced from the beach.

At this time of the morning, it was easy to get to the far end of the beach, where the parasailing platforms are located.



Prior to getting the gear on, I had a number of conversations with Chris and Isabella. I even convinced this Japanese tourist to become part of the interview.

In action

After Isabella had the harness on her, it was all up to the boat driver, and the wind. So, we let her go, and tried to follow her with the camera. The trip was very short, but she enjoyed herself nonetheless.

Packing the artwork

On the afternoon of the 2nd, just before Toni began her travel home, I decided that I wanted to purchase some artwork from Thailand, that would always remind me of the trip.

After quite a bit of walking around the city, near the beach, we stumbled onto the spot where many of the local artists do their work. I shopped around, and purchased a very nice oil painting, which the artist rolled up, and placed into a box that he made for me, to aid in shipping the painting to the US.

The box did not look like it would protect the painting, so I wandered around Pattaya, looking for some way to package and ship the artwork. I settled on using 4″ PVC pipe, onto which I would attach screw caps on both ends. This type of container would protect the artwork, but might raise suspicious of explosive materials inside, so I was very careful

Travel by taxi and tuk tuk

Over the course of the day, we used all manner of Thai transportation, including Tuk Tuks, which are famous in Bangkok, and other big cities.

Afternoon at the beach

With the parasailing adventure behind us, it was once again time to relax and enjoy some time at the beach.

Getting to bed early

Tomorrow morning, we’ll grab breakfast, and at about 10:00 AM, we’ll head to the airport. I expect to arrive at the airport by about 11:45, which leaves me about 45 minutes before I can begin checking in for my flight, which departs at about 3:30.


I hate packing, so I left all of the packing until the next morning, when I’ll have a cup of coffee, and will be sure that I’m ready to go at 9:30.

What will tomorrow bring

Tomorrow starts the long journey home. It will take me about 48 hours to get back to Charlotte, and I’m not exactly happy about it all.

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