11-03 Day 115

Say goodbye to Toni

Today’s activities

Wake up

This morning, like others in Pattaya resulted in a leisurely and relaxed start. We headed out and grabbed some smoothies for breakfast, and got ready for the day.

Say goodbye to Toni

Toni could only stay with us in Pattaya until the 3rd, so she would be departing for home 2 days earlier than we’d depart. She was also taking a different route back to Charlotte.

So, at about 2:00 PM, the cab that I had ordered showed up, and took Toni and her luggage to the airport, which is about 1 hour 45 minutes away.

Afternoon at the beach

We spent time at the beach and at the pool, but went back up to the room in time to get ready for dinner.


I was planning on having a special dinner for Isabella, in order to celebrate her birthday, which took place in September, while I was in China, and was finding it difficult to communicate with the US. So, for tonight’s dinner, we’d eat at the hotel, in the restaurant on the 6th floor, overlooking the beach and the ocean.

Chris and I started out with a few cocktails, and then Isabella joined us for a Shirley Temple. We finished our drinks, and went in to the restaurant, and ordered our dinners.

It seemed to take the better part of an hour to get our food, and when it arrived, my Roast chicken was raw, uncooked in the center, so I sent it back.

Once we all finished our dinner, we were greeted by the staff, who brought a small birthday cake to our table, in order to celebrate Isabella’s birthday.

Off to bed

With the celebration in the books, and a big day ahead, we all headed off to bed.

What will tomorrow bring

Tomorrow, we’ve decided that we’ll take Isabella to the beach, and let her try Parasailing.

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