10-30 Day 111 (Travel to resort in Pattaya)

We’re in the final days of the journey

Today’s activities


Today, we left Ayautthaya, and headed for the resort town of Pattaya. This coastal town is located about 130 miles from Ayutthaya, and will take the better part of 3 hours to get there.

The trip in the magic coach

We left the hotel at 9:30, and arrived at the Factory Outlet Center at exactly 10:00. We were really excited because we knew that most of the big name clothiers use places like Thailand to manufacture their garmets and goods. So, we expected to see garments at 50% of Thai pricing. As a factory outlet shopper, I was really excited.

The factory outlet mall

I did a whole lot of research in order to conform that there was an Under Armour shop at the outlet center. And, there was.

So, we began to wander around, and after walking into two stores, it became very apparent that they were simply pricing their products just like you’d see them priced at a factory outlet mall in the US, but with much less selection. So, we stayed only 25 minutes, and headed to the van.

The trip to Pattaya

The trip was not very picturesque, as the first 90 minutes was simply getting around Bangkok. And so, at about 2:00 PM< we arrived in Pattaya, checked in, and organized ourselves around a visit to town, where we could get wine and other necessities. .

The trip to town

Getting to the traffic circle requires taking the hotel shuttle, and then boarding one of these “jump-on taxis”, where you’re charged 10 baht per person/ per trip. You can get on or off at any point along their journey.

We bought water, wine, some food, and some misc, and then headed back to the hotel for dinner, and to relax.

What would tomorrow bring?

Well, we’re on vacation, we’ll just have to see…

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