10-28 Day 109 (I Love Phants – Elephant Preserve)

What a wonderful day with nature

Today’s activities


We arrived at the lodge at 7AM, our prescribed time for breakfast, select the night before, along with what we’d like for breakfast. Just like all of the meals at the lodge, this breakfast was excellent, and the fruit was great.

Getting to the start…

We organized into two groups, who would each take a shuttle train to the starting location, starting about 15 minutes apart, to allow time between the various animal habitats.

The Animals

So many different kinds…

The facility takes care of a number of different types of animals, for a variety of reasons. Mostly, they deal with animals that were brought to their attention by a friend of the society, who wanted their help, and who usually offered some kind of partnership. And so it is that this facility has bears, macaws, alligators, birds, water animals, and much more. I’ve put together a short video that shows just a few of them.

Care and feeding of the Elephants

Feeding the elephants

Washing the elephants

Elephant selfie

What will tomorrow bring

Tomorrow, we’ll get up, pack and have breakfast, after which our driver will rejoin us, and pick us up at 10:00 AM. We’ll then head north, to see the famous Monkey temple, a place where monkey’s rule the roost.

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