10-27 Day 108 (Arrival at the Elephant Preserve)

No more motorcycles – The 2nd phase

Today’s activities

Relaxed departure from Bangkok

Rather than worry about renting a car in Thailand, and then having to deal with all of the traffic and other potential issues, I decided to hire a car and driver, and enjoy the ride, and enjoy the family.

So, at about 10:00 AM, our driver showed up with a big, comfortable van, which would be our chariot for the next few days. We loaded our luggage into the van, and we headed out of Bangkok, towards the I Love Phants elephant lodge, where we’d spend the next 2 days.

The trip to the lodge

The ride took about 3 hours or so of travel time, but we could not get into our rooms before 2:00 PM, so we slowed down, and had a little lunch along the route.

We made our way to the main lodge, and were met by the lodge manager, who showed us to our rooms, and talked about the elephants a bit. The room that I reserved was really a house on stilts, with two flats, and within a dozen feet of the elephant habitat.

A look at our rooms

A chance to feed the elephants

We were told that it’s OK to feed the elephants, as long as the caretakers are nearby. So, we took the opportunity to feed the elephants some of the bananas that we’d purchased the day before.

Settling in

We settled into our rooms, spent some time at the pool, and enjoyed a nice dinner, in preparation for a big day at the park tomorrow.

What would tomorrow bring

Our schedule for tomorrow included the “Full day Experience” where we’d get a chance to see all of the animals that are being cared for, and then to spend some time washing and feeding the elephants.

It should be awesome, let’s see how it all goes…

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