2 Days to go

Hello everyone,

I thought it might put closure on the planning stage of the trip, and open the door to the many miles, and the many days ahead.

All of the paperwork has been completed, and all of the necessary visas are in place. I’ve done a quick check in with a few folks along the way, and now it’s time to load up the bike, and head out.

I’ve really enjoyed all of the planning. Somehow, I find all of the complexity to be very calming. But even with all of the hours of planning, each time you check things over, you find a little mistake, or a way to improve the route, or a great place to stop, or a scenic overlook, or (well, you get the point), anything you can imagine. So, planning is never really completed, but it sure does give you one hell of a starting point.

Wednesday morning, at about 7:00 AM, I’ll hit the road, with Ralph tracking in his X3, which is beginning to show its age. We’ll make our way to Charlottesville, VA, where we’ll hang out with friends for drinks and dinner.

So, bon voyage,

until next time

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Cliff Musante

Cliff Musante is a technologist, business leader, motorcycle enthusiast, father, grandfather, and more. In June, 2013 his passion for motorcycles was revitalized, and he set out to ride across Patagonia. Since then, he's logged thousands of miles, ridden across the US, and on July 10, 2019, he began a 120 day trip through Europe, and then on to Russia, China, and parts East. This 'Blog is the story of all of his adventures.


      1. Can’t wait to read about your epic journey! Safe travels and wishes from California.

    1. Thanks Lauren,
      I’ll do my best to make it fun, and maybe even a little informative.

  1. I’m wishing you a great adventure. I’m predicting a great adventure too. I’m looking forward to more Motorcycle Cliff Notes.

  2. Thanks for the update Cliff. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip! It will be exciting to follow your progress and experiences along the road.

  3. Cliff – I am excited for you and wondrous of your efforts. Best wishes, good luck, Bon Voyage and most of all, Godspeed. Take the love of our CBMWMOA grow with you. SCOTT

  4. I’m am taken aback by all of the kind words, and words of encouragement and safety by all of you. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, “You make me want to be a better man.”. In my case, you make me want to be a safer rider. But, you get the point.

    1. Hmmm, we’ll have to talk about this over dinner on Wed. So, you better start acting nicer if you want a chance to get the new car…

  5. Have a great time. Appears you have thought of everything.
    My only words of advice, don’t eat off the street vendors. Have a great time. Hope you don’t have to put up with pestering sports fans this time.

    1. Hey Greg,
      Great to hear from you. You’re certainly not the first person to warn me about eating from Street vendors, but I’m afraid that for Bangkok, my plan is to enjoy a night’s dinner at the hands of one of Bangkok’s most revered street food vendors, Jai Fai. But, I’ve heard that her food is safe. Am I being naive? Perhaps, we’ll find out.

  6. Good luck with the trip! Looking forward to the narrated slide show of your adventure as you make your way on your journey.

  7. Cliff, I have enjoyed our foursome – sometimes five…. – fun and culinary dinners. So looking forward to continuing them in November. Meanwhile enjoy whatever comes up along the way, I’ll be looking forward to all your reporting. And do be safe. Toi, toi, toi!

    1. Hi Rosemarie,
      I’ll have to miss the next 4 monthly dinners, but I’m getting hungry just thinking about the next dinner, to take place in November.

  8. Cliff, As I wake up on the left coast my first thought is that you are already on the road! I’m so glad you made the decision to go ahead with this trip. It will be the adventure of a lifetime. Fair sailing to you!

    1. Hi Bill,
      It’s 2PM, and we’ve finished the first day, arriving at about 1:30. Thanks for the well wishes. It was an awesome first day.

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