12 days to go – The party

12 Days to go

On Saturday afternoon, I visited a friends house, where my group of friends threw a going away party for me.  Although these folks were my friends, it seemed to me that a good many of them had really never seen a fully-loaded Adventure Bike, and they therefore didn’t really understand what I was about to do.  So, when I arrived at Paul’s house at 4PM, the first thing we did was to push the bike into the back hard, and lift it up onto the center stand.  The bike was now perched on a reasonably strong block of wood, with the Center stand keeping the bike vertical.

And the party begins

My son, granddaughter and daughter-in-law were all at the party, along with another 25 close friends or so.  I was surprised to see that my 10 year old granddaughter Isabella was so interested in the bike.  In fact, immediately after she arrived, she climbed up onto the bike for the first 1 of about 10 different trips onto the bike.  In fact, by the time that darkness started to show up, Isabella was describing, in great detail, how all of the technology on the bike works, and I can make phone calls, etc, etc.  I was pretty well astonished that this little 10 year old angel had become her grandfather.

When I say that she became her grandfather, what I mean is that it is clear to me that Isabella has never used all of the communications, navigation, and video equipment before, but there she was, describing how it all works.  That’s what I’m talking about, she’s just like her grandfather; Just because you don’t know the whole story, doesn’t mean that you can come up with a good story that fits the information that you do have.  And that’s what she did.

The gallery below shows photos of a number of the guests.

The night draws to a close

As we reached the end of the evening, we figured we needed a way to remember the night, and there’s no better memory than a photo.  The lighting was pretty bad (I meant to say that it was dark out), and none of us are professional photographers (Well, at least the person with the camera wasn’t a professional), but we did our best to have a little fun, and we took the shot.

Just like in Adventure Riding, not everything goes according to play, but nevertheless, we got the shot, and we’ve got a lasting memory.


There was one more picture to capture.  I wanted to get a shot of my Son, granddaughter, and daughter in law all by ourselves.  And, because it’s all about the bike, we decided to capture a show of all of us, having a little fun, while sitting on and around the bike.



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  1. Hello Cliff, was great to meet you today in Pauls back yard and hear the details of your up coming motorcycle journey to South Carolina (or was it North Carolina?) have a safe, fun and adventurous trip Cliff.

    Best regards,
    Franklin Berry

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