10-10 Day 92 (Missing Info)

Addressing some questions…

What’s going on, why so much missing?

Some background

As you might have noticed, I’ve figured out how to post some video, but it’s a complex process, which I’m refining so that it is easier to use. That said, it’s no longer a process where I push a button, and the videos are posted on YouTube.

The underlying problem relates to how China restricts access to some of the underlying services of YouTube, and to YouTube itself. So, it’s hard to get video posted, and it takes a long time.

So, what’s missing?

That said, you will have noticed that I’ve tried to a new post for each new day. I try to make them interesting, so I’m including pictures, and videos if I’m able. As I write the posts, I insert placeholders to let me know what video goes where, so that when I eventually do get the videos posted to YouTube, it will be easy to link and insert them, finishing the posts completely.

As a result of focusing on the current day, I’ve got a gap of about 8 days of posts, which are completely, or partially written. In addition, I’ve already rendered some of the video, and other video I have yet to render. But, I have not been able to post the video for any of these blog posts has been posted to YouTube.

Any important days or trips that are missing?

Well, yes. As it turns out, the trip to Xi’an, to see the Terracotta warriors happened during this blackout period. I did manage to capture a good amount of video of the soldiers, chariots, and other things, but I have not had a chance to render the video yet, and also not posted any of it to YouTube. So, if I published these posts, they would not be very interesting at all.

How do the people feel about this?

Well, I’d have to say that the people are restless, and are asking about the Terracotta warriors, and they want me to “Get off my ass and get this done”, said my adorable sister-in-law Robin. I had to swallow hard to take this one, because Robin never says anything bad about anybody, so when she called me out, I figured I needed a plan. So, here’s the plan…

The plan

Tonight, when I arrive at the hotel, I’m told that I really need to see the city, so I can’t get it done tonight, but within 2 days, we’ll have another rest day, where I’ll focus on getting the video done for the Terracotta soldiers.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep posting each day, and I’ll try to stay current.

So, what about China?

We’re in China for another 7 days. After that, I’ll be in Laos, and then in Thailand. Posting the videos will be fast and easy in these locations, so i’ll try to make up for lost time once I leave China.

In the meantime, try to enjoy the posts from each day. I love all of the comments. Each of you asks such great questions, and youdon’t seem to miss a trick. So, please keep it up, and I’ll keep trying to catch up.

Posting out of order?

Another part of the plan is that when I finish a post for a date that is in the past, I’ll post it using the date that I publish it. So, these posts will appear out of order, but this way, you’ll see the most current posts.

At some time, I’ll go back and reorder them, but that’s less important than getting the information and posts out.

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Cliff Musante

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  1. Cliff,

    Glad to hear you have finally decided to address this problem. I think I can wait 2 more days.



    1. Yes Maam. that said, even using my new, super-duper trick, I’m ale to upload videos, but it is painstakingly slow at this hotel. I’m hopeful that it will be faster tomorrow night, but right now, I’m trying to overcome food poisoning. It seems like everything I’ve ever eaten is rushing to escape the vessel that it finds itself in.

  2. Glad I am not the only one regarding the Terracotta warriors.

    I was reading along, and there was a reference to them in a past post. Hmm, I don’t remember that. Now one of the great mysteries is solved.

    Keep it vertical unless tipping it in 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren,
      No, you’re just one of the many women in my life that want me to shut up, and get shit done. So, I’ll say to you, what I said to Robin. Yes Maam!

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