07-21 Day 12 (Dusseldorf)

A day of tourism, and beer


Travel FromDusseldorf, Germany
Intermediate LocationSightseeing and Beers
Ending LocationDusseldorf, Germany
Starting Odometer25,830
Ending Odometer25,830
Miles Driven Today0 Miles
Total Trip Mileage1287 Miles
New Countries visited Today 
Countries visited on tripUS, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Germany

I’ve ridden almost 1300 miles so far, which is really just the beginning of the adventure, but it does feel like I’ve packed in a whole lot of adventurin’ so far.

Last night’s dinner & breakfast

Ingo and Anika were very welcoming, and took great care of me, providing lots of German treats and staples to try out. We had a “light afternoon snack” where Ingo let me try a German pumpernickel bread, which comes in a tin, and is renowned for being shelf-stable for as long as 8 years, if needed.

As you might expect, we sampled a few different German beers, and spent times with the “dogs of the manner”, a group of canines with strong personalities, and intelligence to boot. I’m told that Joe, the Wolf dog can easily open almost any door in the house, so they have taken to locking the doors with keys, and removing the keys.

Dinner was pork chops, grilled at the table, and served with a salad, and other fixings.

This morning’s breakfast includes bacon, which Ingo purchased just for me, although he did admit to his love of bacon.

Today’s activities

The Neanderthal museum

Ingo took me to the Neanderthal museum, and with my strong love of history, especially around the Neanderthal and Crow-magnum men, I was thrilled to be here.

The museum included many original artifacts, and a number of recreations, simulations or projections.

The other museum



Ingo, Ankia and I went out for dinner in Dusseldorf, and had a nice time experiencing the local beer and food. It seems that the pub we chose is setup so that they serve one brand of beer, and ordering is very simple. You order food, and for each beer you order, a hash mark is placed on a beer coaster. At the end of the evening, they count the hash-marks, and you pay for the beer. Very easy, and very civilized.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’d come to love this style of German organization, as China would prove to generally lack any form of real organization.

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