Quail 2014 – Carmel Valley, CA

May 17, 2014

Carmel Valley, CA – The Quail – A Motorcycle gathering

Jim and I travelled to Carmel Valley with a buddy of his to enjoy a day at the Quail.  The Quail for Motorcycles is relatively new, originally run in 2012 or 2013, but that did not stop them Quail folks from putting on a great show.  The Quail for motorcycles is a bit smaller in size for both the number of exhibitors and the number of participants.

As you can see from the photos, The Quail had quite a bit of diversity, and numerous motorcycles were on display.  It should be noted that, like any Concourse, this event is, in essence, a judged event where each entry trys to be the best example, within a category. Now, I can’t pretend to understand any of the categories, or what the judging criteria is, but to be blunt, who cares?

Once again, as with the Quail for motorsports, the event is known for its food as much as it’s cars or motorcycles.  This year did not disappoint on that front either.  The food was great, and there were numerous places to purchase a great bloody mary, but you needed to be sure to time your consumption so that there was any residual alcohol in your system when it came time to leave.

There was a good deal of music, and I found that a local acoustic artist by the name of Casey Frazier played for about an hour or so, and I really liked his sound.  A very nice, yet complex and soulful acoustic set, which seemed to exude passion in every song.  I purchased all of his CDs, and am enjoying them whenever possible.

The route home took me up the Pacific Coast Highway (CA Route 1 for those of you that are not in the know), and I made my way the 100 miles North until I arrived back at home, safe and sound.

I’m looking forward to the Quail next year, and I think that I might even get there earlier, and stay longer.

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