Day 26 – My old stomping ground (Chicago)

Day 26 – Chicago, Day 2

Date: 06/26/2016 Monday
Starting Location: Naperville, IL
Ending Location: Naperville, IL (Round trip to Chicago, via the train)
Starting Odometer: 12,288
Ending Odometer:
Mileage Today:  0 Miles
Mileage Total:  5435.1 miles
Today’s MPG:  00 mpg
Total Average MPG:  41 mpg

Admin stuff in the hotel

Since I didn’t have too much to do this morning, I spent the morning taking care of other administrative items which are related to purchasing my new home in South Carolina.  After all of those things were attended to, it was time to get to downtown Chicago, to visit with Randy.

My days in Chicago

in 1991, Reuters transferred me to Chicago, to be a part of the team that manned the Customer Response Center or CRC. The CRC was located in the 11th Floor of 311 South Wacker Drive.  Within 1 minuted of getting off the train, and exiting Union Station, I came face to face with my old building.


I’ve spoken briefly about my time at the CRC, but during that period in time, I was leading a pretty good live, and was really enjoying Chicago.  Part of that enjoyment came from the woman I was dating, who’s name is Randy.

So, it was my mission today to get myself downtown and say hi and get caught up with Randy.  We had a nice visit, but to be honest, it was far too short, and we were still talking about stuff when Randy mentioned that she had to get back to work. it’s also a shame that I forgot to take a selfie with Randy.  As any millennial might say, My Bad…

So, a bit of unfinished business, but nevertheless, it was great to see her, and I with her well with her life in Chicago.

My old stomping ground

As I was saying goodbye to Randy, she mentioned that the old neighborhood had really changed a whole lot and that I should go check it out.  The idea of getting in a cab was not too appearing to me, but Randy suggested that I take a water taxi to Navy Pier, and I would be able to quickly walk over to the old neighborhood from there, hopefully taking some pictures of things.

And so, I set off down the river.

Dick’s Last Resort

When I lived in apartment 911 at CityFront place, directly across the street from me was a bar called Dick’s Last Resort.  I’ve closed that place more than once, and I had imagined that I’d see it again once I got to CityFront place.  As it happened, apparently Dick was not satisfied with his location, and so he moved to another location which is right on the Chicago river.  So, as I was on the water taxi, on the Chicago River, I saw a sigh indicating that I was floating by Dick’s new resort.



You’ll notice that behind Dicks are the iconic barrel shaped buildings with the parking garages exposed, and visible from the river.  These buildings have been in numerous films, and so here is a picture of them.


Further on along the river I came to a fountain that is also quite famous.  This fountain is at the end of McClurg Court, the street that I used to live on.


You can’t really see it from this angle, but down the road behind that fountain is my old apartment building, located at 480 N McClurg Court.  I continued on my Water Taxi trip, and made it out to Navy Pier, where we docked.  I left the boat, and walked to my old street, and took a picture of my old apartment building.


My apartment was number 911, located on the 9th of 12 stories.  The floor-to-ceiling windows allowed me to really enjoy the Chicago River, and from those windows I could look down on the locks, that allow boats to adjust their floating height, as they transitioned onto Lake Michigan.

It was nice to see the old place, and I’m glad I listened to Randy and made the trip.

Tomorrow’s journey

tomorrow I’ll be heading out of the Chicago area, making my way to South Bend, IN, where I’ll be visiting another friend, Lee.  Along the way, i’ll be stopping at the Kerstings Motorcycle Museum, located in Winamac, IN.  I’ve read that this is a great place to look at old bikes, but who knows…

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  1. Hi Cliff,

    Nice photos of Chicago. We have friends that live in Geneva that we visit, which is what, about a 30 min drive N/W of Naperville.

    Drove to Naperville one time for an early dinner. Generally, that whole suburb area west of Chicago is nice.

    Last time we were at Dick’s was probably the late 1990’s when it was still on the pier. Fun place during our younger years. Wasn’t aware it had moved.

    One thing we like to do, is go down to the River Esplanade, at the north end of the Michigan St. bridge. Small place down there, that could get a glass of wine, then sit back and watch the boats and water taxis on the river.

    Looking forward to see what you find at the m/c museum.

    1. Hey Dave,
      I did not realize that you had spent so much time in Chicago. It seems that you know all of the places that I had described. Too bad you don’t have a motorcycle, and 60 days to finish the trip.

  2. Hi Cliff
    Really enjoying following your trip across the country. As you head towards South Carolina are you going to be going to Nashville? We lived in Tennessee for 8 years in a town called Murfreesboro, about 30 miles south of Nashville & the site of the civil war battle of Stones River. Since civil war battle fields are a feature of life in the South check it out if you are near – it may be the first of many you visit!
    Be well

    1. Hi Chris,
      Great to hear from you. I’m currently in South Bend, IN, and will be heading to Cleveland, and then on to Watkins Glen for the IMSA race on Friday/Sat. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to stop at Nashville, but I’ve always wanted to. I expect that after I move to SC, I’ll need to make the trip as a weekend trip. I love the BBQ, and can’t wait.

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