Bike Modifications (2007 BMW R1200 GSA)

In this post, I’ve listed and described all of the modifications that have been to the bike, why I’ve done them, and how the modification or upgrade has worked out.  Here are a list of the bike mods

Misc Electronics

Fuse Block: Purchased from Touratech, the fuse block is used as a junction point to power a number of accessories which are located at the front of the bike.  Rather than running all of the wires from the front to the battery, and connecting them directly to the battery, it is a best practice to insert a fuse block inline instead.  First of all, you need to choose where you’ll be installing your fuse block, and on this bike, as it turns out, the best place to install it is under the seat, inside the plastic tray that holds the standard tool kit.  When you install the fuse block here, you will still have to run the wires for all of your electronics all the way to the fuse block, but you will have accomplished two very important things.  First, you’ve setup the bike so that only one additional set of wires will need to connect to the battery.  Second, you’ve installed “plugs” on the ends of all of the wires, making it easier to disconnect them from the fuse block, in the event that you need to make changes, or adjustments.

Cell phone mount: The cell phone mount is not powered, so it simply acts as a very good way to hold onto my iPhone while riding.  This mount also makes the face of the phone very visible while riding.

Radar detector mount: Installed by the previous owner, and currently not used.

Battery Tender:  Installed by the previous owner, and currently not used.


Clearwater Lights: Erica (High intensity LED Driving lights)

Clearwater Lights: Darla (High intensity LED visibility lights)

AdventureTechFlashback (LED Insert for rear brake light)

Adventure Designs: LED Insert for Front and Rear blinker lights


Garmin Zumi 660: Purchased from Touratech-USA as a package, which also included the following items

  1. Touratech Zumo 660 mount
  2. Touratech NAV mounting bracket
  3. Touratech Can Bus Adapter

This Garmin unit is specially designed to work better on Motorcycles, than other units.  The touch-screen is designed so that it can be operated with gloved hands, and the unit is also more durable, and less susceptible to vibration from the motorcycle.

Comfort and Fit

Rox 2″ tall bar risers: I’m 6’5″ (76.5 in) tall and when I stand on the pegs, I  found that I was forced to lean over too much.  The previous owner had installed bar risers that were about 1.25 in tall, but I needed more.  So, after looking around for other bar risers, I selected the ROX 2″ extensions for this bike.  With these extensions in place, it is not necessary to lengthen any of the cables or hydraulic lines (clutch or front brake).

Wide footpegs: Installed by the previous owner.  Brand unknown

A&S Motorcycles: Helmet locks (Allow for you to easily and securely hang two helmets off of the rear license plate holder)

Cross-bar padding: Installed by previous owner.  Brand unknown

Engine and bike protection

Brake Pedal with tip flip: Installed by previous owner.  Brand unknown

Shift lever with retracting arm: Installed by previous owner.  Brand unknown.



BMW Panniers (L & R) 38 Litre

Tank Bag: Installed by previous owner.  Brand unknown.


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