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My second seminar for

I spoke to the Doc this afternoon, and we agreed that I’ll come in and deliver the “Advanced Class” on On Thursday, December 4th, at 6:30 PM at Full Motion Chiropractic, in Belmont, CA.  This class’s intended audience is anyone that attended part I or anyone that has a good working knowledge of the basics of BaseCamp.


I’m putting on this class, and advanced session in order to “finish the work that we have already started”, and to allow those of you that took Pt 1 to really get a firmer grip on your GPS, so that you can get an even greater value out of it.

A funny thing happened on Saturday

Well, here I am, getting ready to travel to Patagonia, and as I was headed to the German BBQ at Adventure Designs in Hayward on Saturday morning, wouldn’t you know it…  My GPS died.  I was in a bit of a panic, knowing that I would need to get it fixed, and then to spend the necessary time reconfiguring it, installing maps, etc.

I called Garmin technical Support and spoke to a woman named Carla.  Carla was a true gem, and she worked with me for about 90 minutes while we tried every trick know to man (and apparently woman) to bring the GPS back to life.  Unfortunately, after 90 minutes, we gave up, and I put the little piece of broken technology into a box and shipped it back to Garmin.  I’m expecting to receive the replacement by the middle of next week.

About the presentation session on Dec 4th

During the session, I will talk about some advanced topics, and we’ll continue from where we left off, after doing a bit of a refresher course on what we already learned.

As was the case with the presentation in October, I’ll be glad to make the presentation available to all that attend, via a newsletter that includes information about the post, and also by just linking it to the post after I finish writing about the presentation, and those that attended.

So, keep your eyes out for an email from Doc, some time in the next couple of days.

What level was this session taught at?

I’ve already begun working on the content for Pt 2, and after completing Pt 1, it has become clear that an even more advanced curriculum would be perfect for this audience.  So, the lists below are no longer current, but when I get a few minutes, I’ll update all of the agenda items, and then update this post to reflect my new thinking.  In the meantime, you should assume that the topics included in Part II are listed below.

Basecamp Pt 1

  • Understanding what BaseCamp is
  • Connecting your GPS
  • The difference between BaseCamp and GarminExpress
  • Important distinctions   (Way Points, Routes, BreadCrumbs, Tracks)
  • Creating a Waypoint
  • Creating a route
  • Organizing your data (Collections, Devices, Folders, & Lists)
  • Keeping your GPS clean
  • Downloading info into GPS
  • Capturing your Trip Logs
  • Understanding “Your GPS is going to recalculate the route“
  • Using Google Earth, Google Maps with your GPS

Basecamp Pt 2

  • Understanding how BaseCamp “Synch’s” with your GPS
  • Organizing your data into folders, lists, categories
  • Understanding routing
  • Creating very complex routes
  • Custom waypoints and POIs
  • Sharing Data with others
  • Understanding Riding Profiles
  • Creating a complex route
  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data

Some of the topics covered

While it is best to review the PDF file for the details, here are some of the topics that we covered.

How to create a waypoint

I talked about the great number of ways that you can create a waypoint, and also discussed some of the challenges that come from trying to create a waypoint.

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