10-03 Blog Post for 9/19 Updated

Yep, that’s right, I figured this thing out, but I’m still afraid

I’ve found a way to upload videos to YouTube, and link then into the blog. But, I feel like I’m simply going to have issues, again, very soon.

I’ve added 3 videos, which were all fun to make, and I ‘think you’ll enjoy them.

In the meantime, read the post

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Cliff Musante

Cliff Musante is a technologist, business leader, motorcycle enthusiast, father, grandfather, and more. In June, 2013 his passion for motorcycles was revitalized, and he set out to ride across Patagonia. Since then, he's logged thousands of miles, ridden across the US, and on July 10, 2019, he began a 120 day trip through Europe, and then on to Russia, China, and parts East. This 'Blog is the story of all of his adventures.


  1. Cliff I thought Feroze had a rider with him, but from the side scan and his aggressive gravel riding doesn’t appear that way

    1. Mike, you certainly are one observant SOB. You are in fact correct. Feroz usually rides like a maniac on the gravel, with his partner and wife, Mina. Actually, its Amina, but we call her Mina. Over the past 7 weeks, jsut about everyone has suffered some kind of illness. Sometimes, a flu, like I had, Karin had, and Marc had. Sometimes, its intestinal issues, and I won’t list the lucky ones, but it affected many of us. Luckily, I was not in the group. In any case, on the day that I filmed this video, Mina was riding in the Van, taking a little time to recover, rather that sitting on the back of the bike, falling asleep and falling off. We all figured she did the smart thing, right? In any case, that was a short term disruption, and she’s back on the bike, riding with Feroz every day.

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