08-23 Day 44 (Lazy day in Moscow?)

More time spent with Moto shops


Travel FromMoscow, Russia
Intermediate LocationNo Riding
Ending LocationMoscow, Russia
Starting Odometer29,756
Ending Odometer29,756
Miles Driven Today0 Miles
Total Trip Mileage5213 Miles
Countries visited Today 
Countries visited on trip US, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Estonia, Russia

The morning

I knew that I’d need to head on over to the Moto shop to buy some rain gear, so I spent the morning fine tuning my GPS system, changing maps, deleting unnecessary files, and also loading all of the GPS data onto the new Nav VI GPS that Feroz had just purchased.

The Moto shop

At 11:00, I headed to the shop, and spoke to Pasha, who, along with Alex, are the owners of the place. He was very busy, but helpful, and guided me to a nice rain jacket, but the pants that he had in stock were limited, and not especially to my liking.

So, I purchased the jacket and pants, but asked if there were any other options for a better pair of pants. Pasha said that he had some Revitt gear in the warehouse, and that he’d get it at the shop, at around 6:00 PM, perhaps earlier.

As it turns out, Alex, the other owner managed to deliver the gear to the shop at about 5:45, so I tried it on, and was satisfied with the new Revitt pants. I exchanged the old for the new, and asked Alex for a quick video.

What will tomorrow bring?

Well, tomorrow we’ll leave Moscow, and ride to Vladimir. The ride is not long, and with any luck, we should arrive by 2PM.

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