Man and Machine

This video tells the story of a series of Extreme Enduro races, held in 2010.  If you’re not an enthusiastic fan of Extreme Enduro, or if you do not know what it is, you might think that this video is not for you.  But, I would say that this video will probably make you a fan of Extreme Enduro, one of the most grueling variations of the sport of Motorcycle racing.

Enduro Riders, and ex Trials Riders are the two most common skill sets that participate in these events, as they demand stamina, strength, and extraordinary balance.  Although there is not a world championship for this sport, the story is told as if there was, as it is common to see the same riders participating in almost all of the events.

it is fascinating to see these super-human feets performed in rapid succession, by some of the worlds best riders.  The video footage is spectacular, and you really have to wonder how they managed to get so much great video, when the courses are so damn long, and are often out in the middle of nowhere.  Nevertheless, the video is there, and it’s awesome.