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  1. Hi Cliff,

    This sounds so exciting. Looking forward to following along. Prayers and best wishes for a safe and exciting journey.

    Best Regards,


  2. While not as good as joining you on this adventure, I’m sure that this will be the next best thing. Looking forward to vicariously living the experience with you.


  3. Enjoy your travels and take the time to soak in the jaw dropping landscape and amazing diversity of culture across our wonderful country

  4. If you are traveling through the California Desert on your way out, I would be willing to follow along in our FJ cruiser (of course only if you plan on taking trails in excess of 6 ft wide).


  5. Cliff,
    Was glad to talk with you about the trip last weekend – sounds like a great adventure. Looking forward to virtually following you along the trail.

  6. Cliff

    I hope it is as exciting as it can be. Travel safely and collect many bugs on your windscreen and not your face.


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