World Tour 2019
South Carolina, USA to Bangkok, Thailand
Moto 02 100

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Hello , below, you'll find links to my most recent posts. Enjoy!

10-12 Day 94

It feels like Montezuma is leaving the building Mileage TABLE Content Midnight Sometime, in the middle of the night, I received word from the hotel that they wanted me to compensate them for the loss of their sheets. It felt very ironic to me that the root cause of any soiling of the sheets was entire due to the food …

10-11 Day 93 (Rest Day Lijiang, China)

It gets worse Mileage TABLE Motezuma's Revenge Part I - Midnight Well, it all went wrong at about midnight. I started to exhibit signs of diarrhea, and it continued, and got worse until about 3:00 AM, when I also started to Vomit. Now, there is a part of International trael that all travelers accept. And it is, without question, that …
10-11 Day 93 (Rest Day Lijiang, China)
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